Holga K200NM Fisheye

Price: Black - RM240, Color - RM250
Colors: Black, Red & Blue
Warranty: Six (6) months from date of purchase
This camera can be used with or without the detachable fish lens. Put on the fish lens for the fish eye effect. Remove the fish lens for the Holga Black Corners effect. And it does multi-exposure shots as well. A 3 in 1 camera. Color filters can be used with or without the fisheye as it doesn’t affect the picture mode. Color filter simply changes the color of the picture that’s all. With this camera, you can get many kinds of pictures. Mix and match the colors with the fish lens, use multi-exposure, cross process the pictures and endless possibilities. The best thing about this camera is that it uses 35mm film which is very cheap and common. With the fisheye viewfinder, it makes it easier to point and shoot.
- Detachable Fisheye lens and Fisheye viewfinder too!
- Multiple exposures
- Built-in color flash
- Uses 35mm film (normal film)
Package includes:
- One(1) Holga K200 Fisheye camera
- One(1) Lens cap
- One(1) Camera strap
- English Manuall


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