Price: only for RM190
Colors: Black
Six (6) months from date of purchase

This 35mm Holga Black Corner is master of the shadowy vignette. It specializes in creating mysterious images with dramatic effect. The combination of the otherworldly mystique of the plastic Holga lens and the Black Corner’s unique masking effect – radiates an atmosphere of Hitchkockian suspense. Build on this effect by experimenting with the unlimited long and multi-exposure feature. Like the 35mm Holga it has two shutter and aperture settings and uses standard 35mm film and processing.
- Product name: Holga 135/ Holga 135BC
- Brand: Holga, Hong Kong
- Lens: Plastic lens f8 47mm
- Shutter Speed: 1/100, Bulb (B) mode
- Aperture: f8 (cloudy), f11 (fine weather)
- Focus: 1m, ∞
- Weight: 178g
- Film type: 135 (35mm) film
- Camera type: 35mm camera
- Flash: Hotshoe available (able to attach any flash with a hotshoe!)
Package includes:
- One(1) Holga 135/ Holga 135BC camera
- One(1) Lens cap
- One(1) Camera strap
- English Manual

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LOMO LC-A (Refurbished)

Price : only for RM580
Availability : SOLD OUT
Colors : Black
Condition : Vintage-used camera. Still in excellent condition, all functions are 100% working. [9/10]
Warranty: Four (4) weeks from date of purchase
Specifications :
- Product name: LOMO LC-A (Lomo Kompakt Automat)
- Brand: LOMO, Russia
- Batteries: Three (3) 1.5v S76 (SR44) batteries
- Lens: Minitar 1 32mm f/2.8
- Shutter Speed: 2m to 1/500s
- Exposure metering: Cadmium Sulphide (CdS light meter)
- Exposure modes: Programmed auto, manual with fixed shutter speed
- Aperture: f2.8 – f16
- Focus: Manual, zone focus (0.8m, 1.5m, 3m, ∞)
- Film type: 135 (35mm) film
- ASA/ ISO range: 25-400
- Film advance: Manual
- Film rewind: Manual
- Flash: Hotshoe available (able to attach any flash with a hotshoe!)
- Flash synchronization: 1/60s; rear sync. only
- Frame advance mode: Single frame, manual advance
- Dimensions: W107 X L43.55 X H68 mm
- Weight: 250g
- Camera type: 35mm camera
Package includes:
- One(1) LOMO LC-A camera

Ultra Wide & Slim - Yellow Peace & Pink Dress

Price : only for RM110
Colors : Yellow & Pink
(4) weeks from date of purchase

Everything works the same, except that the appearance and colour of the body is in Yellow and Pink!! This small lightweight camera has a wide 22mm lens which provides massive depth of field, an ultra wide angle and corner vignetting (darkening). Takes 35mm, aperture f8, Shutter spd 1/100sec.
Dimensions 98 x 59 x 23 mm.
Package includes:
- Ultra Wide & Slim Camera (Yellow or Pink)
- strap
- manual

学研二眼レフ Gakken Mook TLR camera

Price : only for RM150
Availability : (Out of stock)
Description : This is a fun kit to build, and took me about 1.5 hours to complete. The most interesting part is the shutter mechanism, which is a pair of spring-loaded levers. Essentially, this is a box with two lenses, one to focus an image on a roll of 35 mm film, the other aimed at a mirror that bounces the image to a view screen. Counter-rotating threads on the lens holders let you focus both lenses at the same time. There's no shutter speed control, flash or zoom lens. It's fun to play with right out of the box, and you can choose not to advance the film to create multi-exposure trick shots. But, the cost of developing film now may affect how much you want to keep using this kit in the long run. Very high-quality construction.

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