Digital Harinezumi 2++ Box set

Price : only for RM720
This special edition box set of the Harinezumi 2 includes the following: Harinezumi 2 camera, CR2 battery, customized 2GB microSD card; cutomized USB Reader; customized camera strap and case.

Package includes:
- Digital Harinezumi 2++ (black)     

- Digital Harinezumi Accessory Kit

Digital Harinezumi Leather Case

Price : only for RM300
To carry your digital harinezumi series camera around. Comes with a CR2 battery pouch too! 

Colors: Black and Brown.

Digital Harinezumi Accessory Kit

Price : only for RM200
Everything you need to get started with your new Harinezumi, including a 2GB Limited Edition MicroSD Card, Limited Edition Case, CR2 Battery and USB Card Reader

Package includes:
- One(1) Harinezumi MicroSD card (2GB) 

- One(1) Harinezumi MicroSD card reader 
- One(1) Strap for MicroSD card reader 
- One(1) CR2 battery 
- One(1) Harinezumi camera pouch

Instax Mini 7 Macro Lens

Price: only for RM50
this set of close-up lens + self mirror can allow your mini 7 to take pictures in Macro mode. From 40 to 60 centimeters of the object, to take close-up pictures of flowers, insects or baby faces close up photos. The additional self-mirror allows the mini 7 /7S users to take pictures of themselves.
- Attach to your instax mini 7 or 7s instant cameras, to enable you to self shoot and shoot at closer range (40-60 cm).
Package includes:
- Fuji Instax Mini 7 Macro lens with self shoot mirror

Fuji Instax Mini 55i

: only for RM540, for RM560 + 1 box of instax mini film
Colors: Blue
One (1) year from date of purchase

Fuji 'Cheki' instant cameras have put instant photography back in the frame. As the smallest and most sophisticated of all the Instax Minis, the 55 has good reason to be at the top of the Cheki ladder. Its self-timer feature allows you to jump in the frame. You can also set up the 2 consecutive shot function, which lets you take 2 pictures one after the other – perfect for catching the action! The ‘illumination’ feature puts the ‘I’ in the Cheki 55i. The illumination lights tell you when the camera is going to take the picture.
- Instant camera = instant pictures (like polaroid)
- Credit card size pictures.
- Small, compact and easy to use.
- Has build in flash.
- Close-up lens for focusing from 35cm.

- Shutter speed can be adjusted incrementally for better pictures in low light condition.
- Let’s you take two shots with a single touch using the self-shot timer!
Package includes:
- One(1) fuji instax mini 55i camera
- One(1) camera strap
- One(1) close-up lens

- Two(2) CR2 batteries
- Japanese instruction manual

official link:

Digital Harinezumi CHINON (Limited Edition)

Price: only for RM560
Colors: Matte Black
Six (6) months from date of purchase

A lot of people have been looking for this elusive camera. It’s so exclusive that there is no official word on the camera yet, just whispers and rumours… Now it’s finally here at your friendly neighbourhood online shop, GALA GALA Online Store!
- Product name: Digital Harinezumi Chinon
- Brand: Superheadz, Japan

- Sensor pixel: 3M
- Sensor: CMOS
- Lens: f=4.5mm (35mm equivalent; 35mm), F 2.8
- Image size: 2048X1536 / 1024X768
- Movie size: 640X480
- ISO: ISO 100 / ISO 800
- Focal distance: Normal: 1m –> infinity
- Macro: approximately 3cm – 4cm
- Exposure: Auto
- White balance: Auto

- Self timer: 10 sec.
- Image file format: JPEG
- Memory: microSD card: up to 2GB / microSDHC card: up to 4GB
- Battery: CR2
- Dimensions: L9cm X H2.5cm X W3.3cm
- Weight: 85 g (body only
Package includes:
- One(1) digital harinezumi CHINON (Limited Edition) digital camera
- One(1) camera strap
- Japanese manual

Black Bird, Fly "SUNDOME" Limited Edition

Availability: only for RM500
Colors: White with SUNDOME design
Warranty: Four (4) weeks from date of purchase
There’s a new limited edition blackbird, fly out! It’s the blackbird, fly “Sundome” limited edition. This blackbird, fly is based on a famous Japanese manga series by Kazuto Okada.
Specifications :
- Film type: 135 (35mm) film
- Lens: f7 33mm/ photo lens
- Shutter speed: 1/125
- Aperture: f7 (cloudy) f11 (fine weather)
- Focus: Visual distance estimated measurement (0.8/1.5/2/2.5/3/4/5/10/∞)
- Weight: Body/210g., Case/ 130g.
- Formats: Normal (24x36mm), Square (24x24mm), with sprockets (no frame)
Package includes:
- Blackbird, fly “Sundome” (Limited Edition)
- lens cap
- lens cap strap
- 2 masks (rect. & square)
- neckstrap
- plastic case for bbf
- user manual

official link:

Fuji Instax 210

Price: only for RM360, for RM390 + 1 box of instax wide film
Colors: Black
One (1) year from date of purchase

Love polaroids? I’m sure you’ll love this camera! Take instant pictures with your instax 210 today. Shoot & print instantly~
- Instant camera = instant pictures (like polaroid)
- Wide format photos.
- Shoots vivid, high quality prints instantly!
- Has build in flash.
- Big & clear viewfinder.
- Has self-shoot mirror.
- Close-up lens for focusing from 35cm.

Package includes:
- One(1) fuji instax 210 camera
- Four(4) AA batteries
- One(1) camera strap
- One(1) close-up lens with self shoot mirror
- English manual

official link:


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