Holga 135
Black -
Color - RM190

Holga 135bc
Black -
Color - RM205

Colors: Black, White and White-Red
Warranty: Six (6) months from date of purchase
Right here we have a slightly miniaturized version of the original medium format Holga. Like its older sibling, it’s got an all-plastic lens, two shutter settings, and two aperture settings. Its advance and shutter are uncoupled- meaning that you can shoot unlimited multiple exposures on the same frame. Its images are dripping with color, contrast, a slight softness, and a whole lotta soul. For that classic Holga look, with the ease of 35mm film development, this guy can’t be beat.
- Product name: Holga 135/ Holga 135BC
Brand: Holga, Hong Kong
Lens: Plastic lens f8 47mm
Shutter Speed: 1/100, Bulb (B) mode- Aperture: f8 (cloudy), f11 (fine weather)
- Focus: 1m, ∞
Weight: 178g
- Film type: 135 (35mm) film
- Camera type: 35mm camera
- Flash: Hotshoe available (able to attach any flash with a hotshoe!)
Package includes:
- One(1) Holga 135/ Holga 135BC camera
- One(1) Lens cap
One(1) Camera strap


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