Holga 135 TIM (Black) RM200, for RM260 (with Holga 12s color flash)
Holga 135 TIM (Yellow, White) RM220, for RM290 (with Holga 12s color flash)
Colors: Black, White and Yellow
Warranty: Six (6) months from date of purchase
The long awaited Holga TIM half-frame is here, and has brought along it’s flash to the party. Open one of the eyes, shoot a frame, cock the shutter then use the other eye to shoot two vertical halves on one 35mm frame. Available in Black and Yellow, be the first person on your block to have the smiley face TIM in your camera bag.
- Shoot either half frame or 2 simultaneous shots at a time!
- Individual frames can be set for different effects!
- Multiple exposures
- Bulb (B) mode (for long exposures)
- Flash hotshoe (to attach flash)
- Uses 35mm film (normal film)
Package includes:
- One(1) Holga 135 TIM camera

- One(1) Roll of film
- One(1) Camera strap
English Manual


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