Juice Camera

Price : Now at only RM100
Warranty : Four (4) weeks
Availability :
- Sunny Fruit juice
- Strawberry juice
- Apple juice
- Honey Lemon juice
- Rody Strawberry milk
- Gulp! milk
- Yum-yum milk
- Blue sky milk
- Wonder milk
- Wonder coffee
- Wonder apple
FUUVI [JP], a Tokyo-based design company is selling a point-and-shoot camera that comes in the form of a juice box (of all things). The so-called Juice Camera uses 35mm film, features a release that’s shaped like a straw and comes with a 28mmF9.5 lens. It’s sized at 64×34×100mm
Features :
- Awesome vignetting effect
- 11 cool juice box / milk box designs to choose from.
- Take snapshots of people without them realizing!
- Lightweight and very simple to use, just load the film and start shooting!
- Uses 35mm film (normal film)
Package includes:

- One(1) juice/ milk camera
- English manual

official link:


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