Poket Digital Camera FDC01

Price: only for RM205
Colors: Red and Blue
Warranty: If an item arrive damaged (manufacter defects), contact us immediately for an exchange. We will not be responsible for damages caused by incorrect use, handling, or abuse of the item.
Camera maker Fun Nature has developed the FDC01, a mini digital camera that’s quite nice design-wise. The device is sized at just 53×23×19mm, weighs21g, can be used with your key chain and is available in red or blue.
- Sensor pixel: 1.9M
- Sensor: CMOS
- Lens: f3.1, 39.5mm
- Image size: 1280X1200
- Movie size: 320X240
- ISO: Auto
- Focal distance: Normal: 1m –> infinity
- Macro: approximately 15cm – 50cm
- Exposure: Auto
- Image file format: JPEG
- Movie file format: AVI
- Memory: MicroSD card up to 2GB
- Battery: Full charge allows approx 250 photos
- Dimensions: 53mm(W) x 23mm(H) x 19mm(D
- Weight: 21 g

Package includes:
- One(1) FDC01
- USB cable
- English manual

official link:


chengmun said...

got free memory card???

yayawoo said...

Hi Chengmun, nope... not include any memory card

夢想烏托邦 said...

where can i get it?

Queen Pets Wonderland said...

Can I know which kind of memory does it support?

江小魚 said...

hi.still hav stock?

Lisa said...

hi, I was wondering if you guys delivery to canada?

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