Ultra Wide & Slim - KUMAGIN & HARIKIN (Limited Edition)

Price : only for RM120
Colors : Silver & Gold
(4) weeks from date of purchase

Everything works the same, except that the appearance and colour of the body is in SILVER & GOLD! This small lightweight camera has a wide 22mm lens which provides massive depth of field, an ultra wide angle and corner vignetting (darkening). Takes 35mm, aperture f8, Shutter spd 1/100sec.
Dimensions 98 x 59 x 23 mm.
Package includes:
- Ultra Wide & Slim Camera (Silver or Gold)

- strap
- manual

official link:


chengmun said...

film can use normal one?
like fujifilm that buy from shop also can usue?

yayawoo said...

Yes, any type of film also can use, as long as is 35mm film ^^

kira said...

still available ?

yayawoo said...

Hi Kira, is still available ^^

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