Holga Fisheye Lens

Price: only for RM150
Colors: Black
Availability : Fisheye lens for Holga 135/ 135BC
Can’t get enough of the fisheye effect? Fisheye fun need not cost a small fortune anymore because we have eliminated the need for adaptors and mounts! Achieve those highly-coveted fishy round shots at the fraction of a price!

This sleek, compact lens neatly slots onto the front of your Holga lens barrel! Light-weight and loaded with intense amounts of fun, the new Fisheye Lens will give you weird, wonderful fishy shots at a full 170 degrees of vision. Now that’s fisheye wizardry without emptying your wallet!
- Fisheye Lens with 170 degrees of circular vision
- Neatly slots on the front of your Holga - no need for adaptors and rings
- Includes a lens pouch for easy storage
Package includes:
- One(1) Fisheye lens for Holga 135/ 135BC

- One(1) Lens cap
- One(1) Lens pouch
- English Manual


书其 said...

can fit Holga 120?

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