Black Bird, Fly.

Price : only for RM435
Black, Red, White, Orange, Blue, Yellow
Warranty: One (1) year from date of purchase
From the designers of the golden half, Superheadz (Japan) comes a new TLR designed to take 35mm films!!
Blackbird, fly from Superheadz is a new twin lens reflex camera from Japan that’s as stylish as it is, well, sexy. It’s also easy, since it takes 35mm film but still lets you take square photos like on medium format!
Blackbird, fly is a toy camera for those who let their photos speak instead of costly gear, but still know how to look good while doing it.
Specifications :
- Film type: 135 (35mm) film
- Lens: f7 33mm/ photo lens
- Shutter speed: 1/125
- Aperture: f7 (cloudy) f11 (fine weather)
- Focus: Visual distance estimated measurement (0.8/1.5/2/2.5/3/4/5/10/∞)
- Weight: Body/210g., Case/ 130g.
- Formats: Normal (24x36mm), Square (24x24mm), with sprockets (no frame)
Package includes:
- Black Bird, Fly camera
- lens cap
- 2 masks (rect. & square)
- neckstrap
- user manual

* sample photos taken by Edmund Li

official link:

Black Bird, Fly.


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